Happy Birthday, Dear Claro!



Can you hear us screaming? No? Well, we can assure you we are! A year ago, Claro Apothecary made its official debut into the world of clean and green beauty. Inspired by nature and fulfilled by a lifelong dream, Claro was made as a way to rid medicine cabinets of irritants and synthetic skin solutions. 

I started making products in the wee hours of the morning with just a little bit of shea butter and beeswax. I loved making jars of lotions and potions that were effective enough to take care of my eczema, but also gentle enough to use on my little one. I needed to know exactly what I was putting on my skin, and what better way to embrace transparency than a little DIY! La Reina Skin Protecting Balm ended up being my very first product, and today, we've expanded our little line to include just a handful of simple and gentle plant based skin care products that are cruelty free, and created by hand without a trace of the nasty irritants in mainstream products. 

If you have yet to try Claro Apothecary products, we say go for it! And if you have, thank you so much for a year of positive vibes and endless support!! We can't wait to see what the next year holds! 

Crystal Augustono