Love, Luzy Rose

 Dried, Organic Red Rose. Raw, Organic Honey. Fine Rose Clay.

Dried, Organic Red Rose. Raw, Organic Honey. Fine Rose Clay.

Now that women are realizing the importance of a self-care ritual. Yoga, journaling, long-baths with your favorite candles, even a coveted glass of red wine with your chocolate- creating the time and space to relax is important in order to restore our positive energy and rest our minds. For me, yoga, time alone at the beach, and Luzy Rose are my favorite rituals.

Claro introduced Luzy Rose Skin Brightening Mask last summer, to rave reviews. Named after my mother, Zaida Luz (aka Luzy), I developed this mask as a gentle way to improve the complexion and get rid of dull skin. My mama has the most gorgeous skin- which is perfect for someone who's middle name literally means light! This blush pink powder is a gentle ritual for skin, and for you. Rose Clay, a gentle cleanser and exfoliant, removes impurities from the skin, along with white kaolin clay. Clay masks are a wonderful alternative to traditional exfoliants, which can be too abrasive, scratching the surface of the skin. Instead, Luzy Rose uses the healing power of honey to reveal bright skin and deliver antioxidants and moisture. Hibiscus, an unexpected star ingredient, works with rose to nourish sensitivities, tone skin, and improve elasticity. 

Here is how I use Luzy Rose. 

As a traditional clay mask, mix one tsp of powder with 1 tsp of water, and mix to form a paste. I often use The Skin Tonic Softening Toner in place of water, to get the added benefits of aloe and rosewater! Apply to skin with a brush or your fingertips and let it set for 15 to 20 minutes, or until it dries completely. Rinse with warm water, and pat dry. For the most amazing glow, apply Luna + Sol to skin afterward. Luzy Rose even makes your bathwater smell like a flower garden- I dare you to try it and see how you love it! 

What are your self-care rituals? How do you unwind and restored? 


Crystal Augustono