My son, and I. 

My son, and I. 


I love my skin, and I want you to love yours, too. 

I have always loved make up and skincare. Growing up, my goal in life was to be an esthetician or makeup artist to the stars. I stole my mother's lipstick, and would not stay away from her loose powder. I constantly made a mess of her stash, and after a few years, I started collecting a stash of my own. There was no greater place on earth for me that the beauty isle at the drugstore, or the makeup counter at Macy's! 

While pregnant with my son, however, my skin took a turn for the worst. I felt betrayed! Where was my pregnancy glow? Instead of bright, dewy skin, I had a dull, patchy complexion, and my skin was so dry I found myself standing in the kitchen one night slathering coconut oil onto my skin- FINALLY! Sweet Relief. 

I began researching natural remedies while nursing or in between baby naps, and 20 years after my obsession with skincare began, I started making my own remedies in the kitchen. Little jars filled with shea butter, and essential oils brought new life to my passion, and when my little one developed eczema, I whipped him up a cream that brought him relief, too. That little jar of Shea Butter, Calendula infused Olive Oil, and Coconut Oil became my very first product- La Reina. 

Since launching Claro Apothecary, I have discovered that less really is more. Many of our ingredients are ones you are already familiar with because they are long known as healers, helpers, and soothers to our skin. With Claro, every ingredient has a purpose and a little bit goes a long way. No chemicals, preservatives, or riff-raff, like many mainstream products. 

I know that returning to plant-based skincare and natural ingredients has renewed my skin and given my glow back. I invite you to get your glow on, too!